I am a writer. No, I don’t mean that I am a blogger, although I am one of those, too. I mean that I am a writer.

I have been a writer of newsletters and, shortly, I will be again (my day job).

I have been a writer of non-fiction, small business books.

And I have been a novelist.

My epic fantasy novel, called The Rise of The Phoenix, was a critical success and a commercial failure, due primarily to my lack of marketing skill. It is currently out of print, although I am considering shopping it to publishers who are likely to be better at marketing than I am.

It’s a good book. This is what the Midwest Book Review said about it back in 2002 shortly after I published it:

The Rise Of The Phoenix is an impressive and engaging debut novel by Dawn Rivers Baker about the impending fate of an Empire, the dark force that menaces it, and the Prophecy surrounding two fraternal twins caught in the twists and machinations of grand schemes. A transcendent and splendor-filled work of high fantasy, The Rise Of The Phoenix is vividly descriptive and complexly woven, filled with intrigue throughout, and enthusiastically recommended reading.

Since I have decided that posting to Archive of Our Own isn’t really getting me anywhere, I’m going to be posting the book here instead. When it’s done, I’m going to be posting the sequel here, too. Feel free to leave feedback of any sort at the end of any chapter.

I’ll let you know if the manuscript gets accepted by a publisher.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy The Rise of The Phoenix.