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No regrets on New Year’s Day

Wow, I just can’t get away from this shitty new WordPress posting block. I really hate it but, evidently, if I want to continue using WordPress, I’m stuck with it. Crap.

Not sure how I feel about starting 2021 this way.

But never mind my complaining (already!). Happy New Year, folks!

I am not going to waste any time at all in here talking about 2020 in review. The year was awful, for reasons with which we are all familiar. Of course, I am not expecting everything to miraculously right itself now that January is here. I do try not to be unreasonable. But clearly, things are changing. There will be a new U.S. president, so I can probably postpone emigrating for a little while. There is now a vaccine for COVID-19, and I plan to get vaccinated just as soon as I am able. I expect, before the year is over, that things will be … different.

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You’ll like me, I’ll show you

100 Very brief note to tell you that I have passed a milestone.

I now have 100 of you lovely people following this blog!

Thank you! No, really, thank you very, very much!

(We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming … )

I just want to relax

One of the more inconvenient things about a new year that begins on a weekend is that there’s not really much to talk about until the work week starts again. At least not for me.

I usually spend my weekends recovering from my weeks. I do as close to nothing at all while remaining as close to in my house as I can. So my weekends don’t exactly make for scintillating reading.

I do feel I should tell you that I have published up to Chapter 13 of Children of Chaos on this blog. I don’t remember the last time I told you that I’d published a new chapter and I sincerely doubt that you have been paying enough attention to know when I do without my having to say so. So, please feel free to head up to the menu above and catch up with the doings of Daerus and company. The plot has thickened after much stirring and we are actually very close to the end of the second installment of what I have decided to call the Chaos and Order trilogy.

It sounds kind of grandiose to me, given that I don’t know if I will ever find a publisher who isn’t me to publish them. I sent them off to a publisher recently but they turned me down because they were pretty certain that the second and third books wouldn’t fit their imprint (because I told them so), and they felt it would be ashamed to break up the story. Anyway, if you know of a publisher that might be interested, let me know. I’m not crazy about it since I have other ideas about what I want to be when I grow up but it would be kind of neat to get the whole trilogy published at some point.

We shall see.
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I’ve got a brand new style

I was going to wait until after the New Year came in to do this but then I realized that when the ball drops I probably won’t be sitting at my computer blogging.

Yes, believe it or not, I have a life.

As promised, the blog has a new look to ring in the new year. Hope you like it but, to be honest, whether you do or not … I like it. So there.

All good things to you and yours in 2016, my friends. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make party punch.

Blessed be!

What you see is what you get


Sometimes, when I get a new follower, and after I finish doing the happy dance, I find myself feeling sorry for the hapless fellow blogger.

See, I get new followers in response to specific posts. But, of course, the reality of my blog is that it’s all over the place. I am fairly regularly posting chapters from the sequel to The Rise of The Phoenix, so other writers come follow my blog.

But this isn’t really a writing blog.

Then again, sometimes, I get followers when I start writing about the realizations I have been slowing coming to about the abusive relationship I escaped before I was beyond the crucible, and the abusive criminal I was in that relationship with.

Only, this isn’t really an abuse recovery blog, either.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

In the final analysis, this blog isn’t really about anything in particular. It doesn’t have a theme. This blog is about me and, while I’m always willing to welcome you to my world, I don’t want you to be disappointed when you get here. Truth in advertising and all that.

So, with all that said … I’ve got another chapter of Children of Chaos available for your reading pleasure. Yes, I know. I just said I was only going to do this every other week instead of every week. Never mind. Someone once said, “Consistency is the defense of a small mind.” I’m not trying to confuse either of us. I felt like giving you a gift. Just my way of wishing you a happy weekend.

In Chapter 9 of Children of Chaos, Rischa the Prophetess more particularly lives up to her name, the Throk make stupid decisions, and Septha the Destroyer learns that Gods, too, can die.

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