Hi there.

I am in Arizona.

I’ve never been here before.

The skies are cloudless and clear, and in the mornings, between 7:00 am and 9:00 am or so, it’s pleasantly cool outside. Perfect walking weather.

After that, it’s hot.

There are flowering trees and bushes everywhere, so the air always smells wonderfully sweet like nowhere I’ve ever lived or visited.

It’s a beautiful place but even this early in the almost-spring, you definitely need to be indoors by about 10am.

I’ve been visiting Gina and Kimmie. It has been wonderful to see them and they both seem to be doing reasonably well. I have also met their young men and I like them both. They seem to be good fits for their respective ladies.

If the boys were nervous about meeting me, they handled it well. I couldn’t tell at all. Further brownie points for them.

Every day, I have walked from my hotel to the girls’ apartment. It’s a five-mile walk. It takes me about two hours to walk it … I think. I haven’t really timed it. I keep promising myself that I’m going to leave earlier so that the tag end of the walk isn’t quite so punishing. So far, though, I haven’t woken up early enough to actually make that happen.

I am on vacation, after all.

Even without any FIRM workouts, walking five miles per day is a nice little aerobic workout all by itself. Of course, I’m not power walking here but this is much better than most vacations where you do nothing in the way of working out while you’re away from home.

And today, Gina and her young man (a/k/a Ryan) are going to take me to a gym and beat me up. I’m sort of looking forward to it but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m a little nervous, too.

When I get home, I’ll step on the scale and see if I’ve lost any of that weight I’d gained. I’ll feel really good if I have. Well, I’ll feel really good anyway … all that walking, you know. But taking some of that weight back off will even make the levels of soreness I’m expecting after walking a cumulative 20 miles, plus another hour or two in the gym, worth the pain.

Of which one must be willing to suffer in order to gain. 😉

I’ll be heading home very early tomorrow morning. It’s been a good visit; we’ve had some good talks. And I can much more easily see how much they have both grown even in the less-than-a-year since they left New York. My girls aren’t girls anymore, they are both young women.

They are making and re-making their lives and I am so proud of them.

Looking forward to the next visit. <3