Not all who wander are lost

If you look way down in your heart and soul

xmas-weight-gain When we last left our intrepid #fitgirl wannabe, she was celebrating both scalar and non-scalar victories and feeling like a million dollars.

And then … dun, dun, dunnnn … it happened. [screaming sound effect] The year-end holidays arrived.

Yes, it’s all very well for you to make fun, Dawn, but …

I know. And I’m not really making fun. It’s just that I have read so many blog posts lately about how the year-end holidays just destroyed everything we were doing to get fit and take off those extra pounds, that it’s been kind of disconcerting.

I mean, we all know about the year-end holidays and the havoc they wreak upon our diets. We all know that we’re going to fall off the wagon at that time of year, because we do it every year. We all know that we’ll be too busy entertaining the kids who are off from school, and the friends and family who stop by to help us celebrate, not to mention the decorating and the baking and the cooking and the cleaning before they get here and the cleaning after they leave. Of course there’s not time for exercises!

And so on.

And so on.

Since almost all of us weight loss questers have this same experience at this same time of year, I say “Enough!”

Let’s just acknowledge that December is a write off, dust off that same old New Year’s resolution (if you happen to do resolutions), and get back to it.

That is why, as you may have noticed, I didn’t post any December numbers.

Yes, I did backslide a little, I did put on a couple of pounds. But I refuse to taint the very nice holidays I have just enjoyed by beating myself with ugly guilt.

You shouldn’t do that either.

Even if, like me, you did gain a little of the weight back, how much was it? a pound? Two pounds? I’ll bet it wasn’t a whole whopping ten pounds like is says in that graphic up there. So, if you only put a pound or two back on, what’s that to get all bent out of shape about?

No useless guilt. Just get back with your program.

Our holidays were lovely. Derek came and spent 10 days with us. He noticed that I had lost weight instantly. (Right after the ‘hello,’ he told me that I looked really good. Brownie points for him.) Food came out very well. I even discovered a couple of new recipes, which makes me happy. The pies and cakes were tasty and now they are gone. It is now 2017.

So, we are back to normal. Derek left yesterday. I will spend the next week doing the “cleaning up after they leave” bit. I will also be getting ready for Spring semester 2017. My classes start in one week. I am well-rested and rarin’ to go.

I am also back to working out and paying attention to my portion sizes.

My next Transformation Tuesday post will happen on January 31st.

Watch this space.

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  1. slimmingbsimcha

    You’ve got a winning attitude. Guilt never helps. Glad you had a good holiday, and now carrying on.