That’s the message I just sent to those of my kids who I think will care most. My social media presence will be silenced for a little while … well, for a few days.

Tomorrow, we’ll pick up the truck and load it up. Gina and Kimmie and Frankie will get their rental SUV and pack it up. We’ll all spend one more night in this house and then we’ll climb into vehicles and drive off in different directions. Gina & Co. will drive south and west, and the rest of us will head due south.

Truth to tell, I don’t absolutely have to be completely silent while I’m on the road. I’ll have my laptop with me, after all.

On the other hand, by the time we pull into the hotel south of Richmond on Thursday evening, I’ll be too pooped to do anything except eat, shower and sleep … in that order.

I doubt I’ll even have the energy to do any reading. I’m already pretty tired as I take care of the last bits of packing and cleaning. I’m pretty sure there will be all kinds of last minute things to take care of but I’ll do a walk-through in a couple of hours to see what I can take care of today.

It’s been a long time coming. There have been times when it felt like we would never get to this point. Now all the work and the waiting is almost over. Wednesday we load vehicles, Thursday we leave and on Friday we arrive.

Sometime after that, I’ll figure out how I feel about it all.

Well, actually, I’m still very excited. But I’m also very tired. I have a feeling that I’m going to spend a lot of time resting while I’m unpacking. Or, alternatively, maybe I’ll get all the unpacking done by the 4th and I’ll start my new life by resting up for a week or two.There are things I need to get taken care of but I’m not going to have the money to do certain parts of it until late July or early August.

One of the things I have learned recently, though, is that it doesn’t help or even make much sense to get bent out of shape about stuff that needs to be taken care of if you just can’t do anything about it right now.

It’ll keep.

Anyway, I just wanted to slip in here between sealing boxes to say a cheery ‘See you later!’ When you hear from me next, I’ll be several states away from here.