Like a Spirit Uncaged

Not all who wander are lost

Find light again

It took me awhile to get over Deana’s death. To be honest, I’m still not really over it but I have managed to pull myself together and get on with it.

After all, I’m still alive.

So here we are, four months later, and things are chugging along for me.

I finished teaching my course this spring and was very happy with it. My students were mostly happy, too. There was one student from hell who wanted me to change his grade and when I wouldn’t, he tried going over my head. That didn’t work out too well for him, either. And once again, one of my students accused me of being nasty and sneering in ways that discourage my students from participating. The problem with that, of course, is that students did participate … most of them did. But I get the criticism of being snarky and sarcastic and intimidating often enough to require a bit of self examination. I must ponder. It’s too bad that nobody is willing to tell me this to my face when I ask for feedback.

Oh well.
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Silence like a cancer grows

One week ago today, my sister died.

My nephew called me about this time last week to tell me she had passed that morning.

Apparently she had avoided seeing a doctor for long enough, in spite of repeated complaints of feeling unwell and in pain, that when she finally did get nagged into seeing a physician, she was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer. She was dead within six weeks.

All of this came as a real shock to me because I didn’t know she was sick. Or at least, I didn’t know she was that sick.
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No regrets on New Year’s Day

Wow, I just can’t get away from this shitty new WordPress posting block. I really hate it but, evidently, if I want to continue using WordPress, I’m stuck with it. Crap.

Not sure how I feel about starting 2021 this way.

But never mind my complaining (already!). Happy New Year, folks!

I am not going to waste any time at all in here talking about 2020 in review. The year was awful, for reasons with which we are all familiar. Of course, I am not expecting everything to miraculously right itself now that January is here. I do try not to be unreasonable. But clearly, things are changing. There will be a new U.S. president, so I can probably postpone emigrating for a little while. There is now a vaccine for COVID-19, and I plan to get vaccinated just as soon as I am able. I expect, before the year is over, that things will be … different.

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You can get what you want or you can just get old

I guess WordPress is going to make me use their back end, whether I want to or not. Boo, hiss.

I really, really hate this editor. It’s enough to make me consider hosting my blog somewhere else …

So, let’s see. A lot has happened since I was last in here. We’ve climbed from 5.5 million cases to over 13 million, and from 70,000 to closing on 265,000 deaths.

Believe it or not, though, this semester has been a good time for me.

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Take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I didn’t want you to think I’d kicked the bucket. I have not even been sick; I gave blood last week and learned that I have no COVID-19 antibodies.

I have been sitting in my house more or less since you last heard from me. I’ve moved since then, so I’m sitting in a different as at this point, but still. Classes started last week and, in ten days, there have been six clusters found on campus, so we’re back to remote instruction. This is pretty much what I was expecting but I didn’t think it would happen quite so fast.

I have not been on campus. Well, except for going to get my stuff out of my old office because I won’t have an office this year. I’m not teaching this fall because I’m going to be off doing fieldwork.

Yes, that’s right. Having more or less quarantined myself since March, I am now going to do some traveling.
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